A yardstick to measure success depends on the goal, vision, and outcome of each event. For us at Margika, MERAKI- our virtual talent show for children with special needs was a tremendous success. And, we perceive happiness to be our yardstick.

Meraki- Talent Show by Margika

For decades, the West has developed inexpensive interventions for the multipronged development of special kids. However, India is just beginning to acknowledge this need. Margika was founded in June 2017 to tackle the stigma and to provide a network for training and capacity building of the special kids and their caregivers.

Art does not always have to be like Monet’s water Lilies or Mozart’s compositions. What you create as a form of self-expression is ART. Art is a subjective expression with limitless boundaries.

Meraki is our upcoming talent show for specially-abled children. The term itself means putting something of yourself into your work. The talent show is a place for children to showcase their talent ranging from (but not limited to) art, poetry, dance, and music. Meraki aims to motivate children to embrace who they are and to hold on to their dreams.

A talent show for children with special needs.

Every child is unique, with limitless talents. Fostering…

This article aims to spread awareness about suicide prevention, with a few tips about how to be mindful with our words and actions while engaging with someone who is considering suicide.

Gayatri Naik

We often wonder what makes a person take such drastic decisions, what drives people to kill themselves? And how can someone help? If you think that someone you know is suicidal, there’s a lot you can do to help.

Suicide is a serious issue. In India the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) reports that the rates of suicide are extremely high, claiming 1,39,123 lives in 2019 alone.

Suicide Prevention Month
Suicide Prevention Month
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This article is a personal account of what it’s like to be 21 and alone during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. It also highlights that mental health is very important and it takes a toll during these uncertain times. It is okay to reach out for help or maybe even write an article about it to feel better!

Cara Crasto

Photo by Cara

I remember when the lockdown was announced, I was breathing a little easier. An unprecedented kick of productivity led me to do more things than I could imagine but now I can barely get out of bed. Every day is a…

You have just been assigned a presentation due in a couple of weeks. As you sit and take notes in class, you have multiple ideas swimming in your head, and you cannot wait to sit down and begin working. But after a long day of classes and extracurriculars, when you reach home, you tell yourself, “I’ll start working on it in a while.” That ‘in a while’ turns into hours and into days, when suddenly you are left with only a couple of days to finish a task you had weeks for.

Akshara Rahate

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People have a great tendency of…

This article talks about the importance of humor, something we use in our daily lives and conversations, and how it can be a potential coping mechanism for parents of children with special needs, who undergo a lot of stress.

Cara Crasto

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Parenting a Child with Special Needs -

Every child is quite important to their parents who go the extra mile for their child’s well-being and safety. Parenting is quite challenging, but being a parent of a child with special needs requires double the effort. Parents and caregivers of children with special needs experience various psychological, social, economic, and physical…

There is always the assumption that children live in a carefree world. But being young does not necessarily equate to being free of difficulties. Everyone has their own obstacles and issues to deal with and children are no different.

Akshara Rahate

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As babies, there is not much for children to be worried about. All their needs are met by the parents or guardians. Hungry? Food is provided. Tired? They can sleep the day away. Want to be entertained? There is a long queue of loved ones willing to be their court jester. But, as they grow up, children start encountering…

How using words like depression, OCD and anxiety loosely are a bigger problem than you think

Sudiksha Jain

Photo by Margika

Every time my cousin would start a story, she would go off on another tangent and start talking about something else. When someone would point it out, she would say “Oops, sorry, my ADHD is acting up”.

And just the other day, one of my friends remarked, “I hate it when people make a mess around themselves. It hurts my OCD to look at them”.

I once overheard a classmate say, “I hate presentations. …


Margika is a network for training and capacity building in mental health care. http://www.margika.org

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