The First Step Towards Suicide Prevention: Awareness

Suicide Prevention Month
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Community-based actions such as gatekeeper training can be used as psychological first aid for individuals by people who work with young people and at-risk individuals. Gatekeeper training aims to empower people with the skills required to respond to people with mental trauma and suicidal tendencies.

So, as a society, how can we help? Community-based interventions can help to reduce suicide rates effectively. The symptoms of suicidal people should be looked after by peers and family members. Preventing first means accurately recognizing the warning signs of suicide. This may include the talk of death, suicide, and intense feelings of desperation, hopelessness, feelings of worthlessness, and self-hatred. They may also say that they are a burden, withdrawing from friends, family, isolation, loss of interest in activities, extreme mood swings, giving away possessions/making out a will, saying goodbye to friends and family, and seeking access to lethal means.

Things to consider when you communicate with a suicidal person:

Take the person seriously.



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